Community Guidelines

The Meshy community is a Discord server for creators to share their work, get help, and connect with other creators. We want to make sure that everyone has a great experience in this community, so we ask that you follow these guidelines.

Join the Community

If you have a Discord account, you can join the Meshy community. It is a great place to share how you use Meshy to create amazing content, and you can also get help from our team and other creators.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be kind and respectful

    The Discord server is meant to be a friendly community for all members. Behave like you would in real life. Hate speech, discrimination, harassment or personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  2. Respect others' work

    Members should always give credit to other creators and respect their content. Plagiarism and stealing content are not allowed.

  3. Stay on-topic

    Please post on the appropriate channels. For example, feedback about product features posted on the ⁠👋︱introduce-yourself channel will be removed.

  4. Use English for communication

    To facilitate smooth communication, please use English for communication except in designated channels for other languages. There's no need to worry about grammar or vocabulary issues since we are here to communicate, not correct!

  5. No self-promotion or spam

    Members should not promote their own content or services without permission from the moderators. Any spamming or self-promotion will not be allowed.

  6. No harmful or offensive content

    Please keep all the content G-rated. Do not post any content that could be offensive or controversial, including but not limited to NSFW, violent or pornographic images, and adult content.

  7. Follow the Discord Community Guidelines

    Members should follow Discord's terms of service and community guidelines at all times:

The Meshy team reserves the right to remove any content or users that violate these rules. We hope to provide everyone with a great experience in this community.

Channel Guide

Here's the channel guide of our server:

Meshy Bot Rooms

  • ⁠🔮︱text-to-texture: Use /skin command to generate texture for your 3d mesh.
  • ⁠🔮︱image-to-3d: Use /img3d command to generate a 3d mesh from an image.
  • ⁠🔮︱text-to-3d-1 & ⁠🔮︱text-to-3d-2: Use /create command to generate a 3d mesh.

Other Useful Channels

  • ⁠✅︱getting-started: This is where you can find the guidance to use the Meshy Bot.
  • ⁠📑︱channel-guide: Learn about the purpose of each channel in the server.
  • ⁠📌︱faqs: Find answers for frequently asked questions and helpful information.
  • ⁠📖︱rules: You'll find the server guidelines and rules that everyone should follow.
  • ⁠📢︱announcements: Stay up-to-date with important announcements and news.
  • ⁠🐶︱status-update: This is dedicated to sharing updates on the Meshy Bot's status.
  • ⁠🐦︱meshy-tweets: Connect with the community on various social media platforms.
  • ⁠👋︱introduce-yourself: Tell us a bit about who you are, and meet new people.
  • ⁠📔︱prompt-chat: Engage in discussions on how to write better prompts.
  • ⁠💬︱general-chat: This is the go-to channel for general conversations and casual discussions.
  • ⁠💡︱tips: Share and discover helpful tips related to Meshy.
  • ⁠🤩︱show-your-results: Show your amazing generation results to the community.
  • ⁠✨︱meshy-gallery: Selected artwork generated by community members using Meshy.
  • ⁠🌐︱webapp-support: Ask for support, provide feedback of the Meshy webapp.
  • ⁠📫︱feedback: Provide feedback, suggestions, and comments to help us improve.
  • ⁠❓︱questions: Feel free to ask any questions if you need help.
  • ⁠🎫︱feature-requests: Suggest new features, improvements, or ideas for Meshy.
  • ⁠🔧︱report-bug: Report any issues, bugs, or technical problems you encounter.

Social media

Besides Discord, you can also follow us on various social media platforms to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.