Community Guidelines

The Meshy community is where creators can share their work, get some help, and connect with others. We want everyone to have a fantastic experience in this community, so we kindly request your adherence to these guidelines.


When you publish on the Meshy community, you're agreeing to share your work publicly with all Meshy users. Your work becomes open source under the CC0 license, enabling all Meshy users to like, share, and remix it once it's published.

Code of Conduct

  1. Be kind and respectful

    The Meshy community is meant to be a friendly community for all members. We expect community members to treat each other with respect, fostering a positive and welcoming environment.

  2. Respect others' work

    Please refrain from posting any content that you don't have the right to share. If you use someone else's work in your project, make sure to attribute it properly. Plagiarism and stealing content are not allowed.

  3. No advertising or spam

    Meshy is a community for creators to share and showcase creative work, not for advertising products, services, or businesses. Please respect the platform's purpose and refrain from using it for advertising. Any spamming or self-promotion will not be allowed.

  4. No harmful or offensive content

    Please do not post offensive, defamatory, hateful, or discriminatory content, including but not limited to NSFW, violent or pornographic images, and adult content.

    If your content is age-restricted, please be sure to enable the 'Age Restricted Content' option when publishing. Failure to do so may result in the removal of your work by the moderators.

  5. No false impersonation

    Impersonation is not tolerated at Meshy. Do not create fake accounts or impersonate others.

  6. Ensure community safety

    Meshy is dedicated to providing a safe space for all members. If you observe behavior that violates our guidelines or makes you uncomfortable, please report it to our team immediately. We take all reports seriously and handle them promptly and confidentially.

Thanks for cooperating with us to keep our community a space that encourages creativity and mutual respect. Your efforts in contributing to a safe and welcoming community are much appreciated.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may lead to the suspension, review, or revocation of your Meshy account.