API Reference

This is the API reference for programmatically interacting with Meshy.


The Meshy API is a RESTful API that allows you to programmatically interact with Meshy. You can use it to create and get tasks generated by Meshy in your own applications.

BASE URL for Meshy API endpoints


Quick Start

There are a few resources to help you get started with Meshy API:

  • You need to create a Meshy account before using Meshy API. Read the Creating a Meshy Account section to learn how to create a Meshy account.

  • You need an API key to get verifed. Read the Creating API Keys section to learn how to create an API key.

  • Read the Using API Keys section to learn how to authenticate your requests with the API keys.

  • Get familiar with the Text to Texture API to learn how to generate textures from text.


Meshy is a pay-as-you-go service. You need to purchase API usage based on your application's need before using Meshy API. You can purchase API usage from the API settings page.

The pricing for Meshy API is as follows:

APIPrice per call
Text to Texture10 credits
Text to 3D Beta (Preview)3 credits
Text to 3D Beta (Refine)20 credits
Text to voxel10 credits
Image to 3D20 credits


We take security very seriously at Meshy, and we work hard to ensure that Meshy API is secure. We hope your data and your users' data is safe with us. Here are some high-level guidelines to help you keep your data and requests safe when using Meshy API, but please also make sure to follow the guidelines practiced at your team or workplace.

Transport Layer Security

While your data is encrypted at rest once it's stored in Meshy, Meshy API uses and enforces TLS, to encrypt data in transit. It means that all requests to and from Meshy API are sent over HTTPS, and any request made over HTTP will get an 301 Moved Permanently status code. Although not recommended, in some cases, if you have to talk to HTTP, you need to explicity tell your HTTP client to follow HTTP to HTTPS redirections. Here are some examples:

Follow HTTP to HTTPS redirections

# use `-L` to follow HTTP to HTTPS redirections
curl -L -X 'POST' \

API Key Safety

Once minted, API keys are not visible in the dashboard anymore, so please download and keep it safe and securely since anyone who obtains it can use it to talk to Meshy API on your behalf. If you believe your API key has been compromised, you can revoke it at any time from the dashboard, once revoked, it will no longer be valid.

Security Disclosure

If you believe you've discovered a security issue in Meshy API, please get in touch with us. We appreciate your responsible disclosure and will make every effort to acknowledge your contributions.

Rate Limiting

Meshy API is rate limited to prevent abuse that could degrade the service quality for other users. The rate limit is applied to each IP address, and the default rate limit is 20 requests per second. If you need a higher rate limit quota, please get in touch with us.