Image to 3D

This is the official documentation for Meshy Image to 3D. Here, you'll find detailed instructions on how to generate 3D models from images.

Go to Image to 3D Workspace

Click on the Image to 3D tab on the left sidebar.


Start a New Generation

You can click on the “+ New Generation” button to create a new task.


Upload an Image

Simply upload an image and give it a name. If you are unsure about what kind of images to try, click 'Need examples?' and explore the examples we provide for you.


Choose Other Parameters

Generate PBR Maps

This determines whether to generate PBR maps. When enabled, it generates PBR maps including base color, metallic, roughness, and normal maps. When disabled, it only generates a color map.

Explore the Generated Model

After the generation is completed, you'll find a panel at the bottom of the screen where you can switch tabs to view the 3D model and the generated maps.


In the 3D view, you'll notice a preview settings panel on the right side. Here, you can change various parameters to customize your 3D view. If you've chosen to generate PBR maps, you can also choose different HDRI environments and adjust the roughness of the texture to visualize the preview effects.


Please note that adjusting these parameters won't alter the properties of the model and textures themselves. They are solely meant to provide different preview options.

Download your Assets

To download your assets, simply click on the ‘Download’ button on the right toolbar.


Share your Creations

If you wish to share your artwork with friends, just click the ‘Share’ button on the right-hand toolbar. From here, you can share it on Twitter, generate a preview link for the model, or download a video preview of the model you've created.